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Why to choose us?


The company performs its services in accordance with the contract and is financially responsible.


All business processes in our company are automated, which eliminates errors during manual or partially manual execution of work.


Almost all enterprises bear the cost of purchasing software, equipment, furniture, office supplies for the organization of accounting. However, our customers pay only for service.

Accounting is always in service

No sick and maternity leaves, vacations, and search for new employees.

Support during inspections

We have experience in tax audits and we always support our clients. These stages of your business will be easier to overcome with us.

Flexible pricing policy

We have tried to create a pricing policy so that our Customers pay only for the services they really need.

Complex approach

The "Accountant" without maternity leaves, vacations, and sick leaves. Provision of services in the shortest possible time.

Quality services

Our task is a high level of quality of work performed. We have organized a monitoring system aimed at achieving maximum efficiency.

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Who do we cooperate with?

Training centers
Beauty salons
Wholesale companies
Real estate agencies
Online stores

Accounting services in Uzbekistan

Outsourcing the accounting function is one of the hallmarks of modern way of doing business. This makes it possible to focus on the main issues that are more important for the formation and development of your business. Our company is ready to offer you qualified accounting services in Tashkent, provided at a high professional level in full compliance with current legislation and taking into account all its nuances.

Who checks the accounts service’s work?

In addition to external bodies that are authorized to control the accounting processes of an enterprise (these include tax administrations and governmental statistical organizations), auditing companies may be involved to check the work of the accounting department. They thoroughly and systematically check how the account service is organized at the enterprise, what standards it is guided by, how the accounting policy is formulated and other issues, on which the correct implementation of this function depends.

If accounting services are carried out by specialists of our company, you can expect all assigned tasks to be performed in a quality manner. We can take on comprehensive accounting or perform separate blocks of tasks - this could be preparation of reporting, processing incoming documents or payroll calculation. All these nuances are discussed before signing the contract and agreed upon with the customer’s representative.

What are the responsibilities of an accountant?

The specialist responsible for the provision of accounting services within our company fulfills all obligations assumed by the company in full. We guarantee their implementation and the absence of problems associated with inspection authorities. However, the final decision-making lies with the customer - in controversial issues, we provide all the information necessary for decision-making.

Our specialists can take on performing the following tasks:

If necessary, the list can be shortened or supplemented – it all depends on your plans and the tasks assigned to us. Leave your request and we will definitely contact you to discuss all the nuances of future cooperation.

Cost of accounting services

You will find the price list for accounting services on the pages of our website. As you can see, the price of the work we perform depends on many factors:

Even if you choose a tariff that does not list all the services of an accounting firm, you can always order additional ones, the need for which arises in the process of work. Cooperation with us implies rapidity of response to your requests, acceptable quality of services provided, work on tasks of any level of complexity, as well as transparent pricing.