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Obtaining an individual personal identification number (IPIN)

Получение ПИНФЛ в Узбекистане PINFL Price - $150

IPIN is required to register foreign persons in the Unified Identification System. To complete the process, it is important that documents should be prepared taking into account the chosen registration method. Our specialists are ready to complete this task and take on all organizational issues. They will help you get your IPIN in the shortest possible time.

Methods for obtaining an IPIN in Uzbekistan

Below are the main ways to obtain an IPIN in Uzbekistan for foreign citizens:

  1. Through attending a center for public services in Uzbekistan in person. Documents can also be submitted through the migration department at the place of temporary registration.
  2. Through an authorized person. If this method is preferred, it is important to take into account the necessity of issuing a power of attorney. It shall be certified by a notary who is not engaged in practice in Uzbekistan. If the power of attorney is issued in a language other than Russian, an apostille is additionally required. After this, the document is translated into Uzbek with notarization.

If persons who want to receive an IPIN are abroad, then the entire registration procedure is carried out exclusively under a power of attorney. If a person is in Uzbekistan, s/he can attend a center for public services in person. But, as practice shows, this will require patience and waiting in kilometer-long queues. Or one can contact our company, where experienced specialists work, for help. They will be able to quickly organize the submission of the application avoiding queues.

What documents are required to obtain an IPIN?

To obtain an IPIN, it is required to prepare the following documents:

  • A colour scanned copy of the passport in PDF format;

  • A colour photograph sized 3x4 cm on a white background in electronic form;

  • The original power of attorney (if you choose to obtain an IPIN through an official representative).

Our company’s mission is to provide high-level quality regardless of the task being performed. Our specialists will help you get your IPIN assigned in the shortest possible time.

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Questions about obtaining an IPIN asked by clients

How long does it take to obtain an IPIN?

On average, the entire procedure does not take more than a few hours. But it all depends on how busy employees of the center for public services are.

Is it possible to get a bank card in Uzbekistan?

To get a bank card issued by an Uzbek bank, it is required to obtain a mobile number from a local mobile operator. In addition, it is necessary to present a document confirming registration at the person’s place of residence and the IPIN.

Who is responsible for issuing IPINs in Uzbekistan?

IPINs are assigned only at centers for public services. It is also possible to contact local migration departments.