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Accounting service. Without holidays and sick leave.

questions of any complexity


Accounting records


Preparation of tax reports


Frames & Charge   salaries


Custom solution   tasks


The company has more than 10 years of work experience in the field of accounting services at enterprises of different types of activity.

Our specialists have economic education and international certificates in the field of financial accounting and enterprise management. A mandatory requirement of the company is a regular improvement of skills and qualification. 

Proper distribution of duties among employees allows to reduce the time for processing tasks and improve the quality of their implementation.

Why to choose us?



The company performs its services in accordance with the contract and is financially responsible.


All business processes in our company are automated, which eliminates errors during manual or partially manual execution of work.


Almost all enterprises bear the cost of purchasing software, equipment, furniture, office supplies for the organization of accounting. However, our customers pay only for service.

Accounting is always in service

No sick and maternity leaves, vacations, and search for new employees.

Support during inspections

We have experience in tax audits and we always support our clients. These stages of your business will be easier to overcome with us.

Flexible pricing policy

We have tried to create a pricing policy so that our Customers pay only for the services they really need.

Complex approach

The "Accountant" without maternity leaves, vacations, and sick leaves. Provision of services in the shortest possible time.

Quality services

Our task is a high level of quality of work performed. We have organized a monitoring system aimed at achieving maximum efficiency.

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