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Accounting services for IT-companies

Why is it advantageous to register IT companies in Uzbekistan?

The following advantages of registering an IT company in the Republic of Uzbekistan can be mentioned:

  • the possibility of getting tax benefits;
  • wages of employees can be paid in foreign currency (euros or dollars);
  • it is possible to organize a virtual office for work;
  • no need to obtain a work permit.

In the event that business is registered in Uzbekistan, owners of IT companies will be able to attract investment for further development within a short period of time. Here, entrepreneurs are offered a wide range of services and opportunities.

The Technopark residents can expect to get the following benefits:

  • exemption from payment of all types of taxes, mandatory contributions to state special-purpose funds and customs payments (except for customs duties) until January 1, 2028.
  • the income of employees who have established employment relationships with the Technopark residents is subject to a fixed personal income tax of 7.5% and is not included in the total annual income subject to taxation.
  • additional benefits that stimulate the growth of exports of goods and services, as well as attracting foreign investment.
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