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Maintenance of accounting records and reporting

Pacholi aka provides accounting services which are divided into outsourced services - when all accounting is conducted in our office, and consulting services - when operational accounting is conducted at the customer's premises, and operations requiring the qualification of an accountant are conducted in the office of Pacholi aka.

The list of accounting services is included:

  • Organization of work of accounting service with the customer's employees
  • Setting of accounting and management accounting;
  • Maintaining accounting and management accounting;
  • Consultations on accounting and taxation issues.


We provide services throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thanks to information technologies, the setting of tasks and the exchange of documents is performed electronically. Thus, your accounting service is always in touch.

For each of our customers we choose the best form of cooperation. For companies with large document flow, we offer to transfer only the functions of chief accountant to us. In this case, the document flow is carried out by the customer, and the setting of accounting, control, closure of the period and delivery of reports are carried out by our specialists. All work in a single system. We work with small companies in an integrated way - all sections, including personnel accounting, are transferred to us.

Tariffs for accounting services are presented without VAT:

Tariff plan Economy tarif Small business Medium business Big business
Subscription fee, sum 1 541 207 2 757 907 7 041 657 24 299 500
Number of banking transactions 10 30 100 150
" Number of accounting documents" till 12 40 100 150
The number of employees in the payroll. Standard accruals: salary, sick leave, vacation 1 3 10 100

Additional services Number of banking transactions Number of accounting documents " The number of employees"
Unit price, sum 12 650 35 650 23 000

Prices including VAT 15%

We care about our customers and are ready to develop a tariff according to your request!

Для производственных компаний расчет стоимости индивидуальный.